Martley Road Garage

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Servicing (Lower Temple Business Park): Call 01905 641642

MOT’s (Peachley Court Farm): Call 01905 641831

Brandsford Road Garage: Call 01905 424232

Coolant level and hoses
Auxiliary/fan/alternator belts
Radiator and Cap
Timing Belt (report)
Engine oil leaks (advise)
Engine oil levels
Antifreeze strength
Clutch (adjust and grease)
Drive shaft joints/seals/gaiters
Gearbox oil level
Automatic transmission leaks
Gearbox oil leaks (advise)
Wheel bearings
Wheel nuts and bolts
Tyre pressures and condition
Power steering hoses
Steering rack and gaiters
Steering & suspension joints
Shock absorbers & mountings
Brake pipes and hoses
Front, rear pads and discs
Brake hydraulic system
ABS warning light
Exterior lights
Horn and instruments
Distributor cap and HT leads
Exhaust system & mountings
Windscreen wipers
Internal /external mirrors
Distributor cap and HT leads
Spark plugs
Battery security
Engine oil filter
Spark plugs
Air filter
Pollen filter
Petrol fuel filter
Diesel fuel filter
Check and AdjustInterimFull
Handbrake, travel & linkage
Check and Top UpInterimFull
Clutch fluid and axle oil
Power steering fluid
Brake fluid reservoir
Pollen filter
Battery level
Washer bottle
Drain and ReplaceInterimFull
Brake Fluid
Steering & suspension joints
Door hinges
Alternator & Starter

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